Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Would you rather sing or dance???

Would you rather sing or dance?
If you were in a band, what instrument would you like to play?


kitty milo said...

i would definately rather sing. i can play keyboard alright. but i like to sing bcause you're like the main person. i like to be in the spotlight. im going to be a lawyer or singer some day=]

Neina-Marie said...

Sing, because that is what I am good at (I hope!). Dancing gets you really motivated, and it's really fun, but I like how you can sing and people don't notice.
In a band, I could play drums alright, Keyboard or guitar, eletric or acoustic. I think I have a musical ear... my right one is a trebel clef.
Or I could be lead singer. Hehe.

Snowy said...

I love to dance!!!!! I have been dancing ever scence i was 3!!! But I still like to sing a little . If i was in a bang i would love to play the drums!!!

Snowy said...

Opps i mean a BAND not BANG

Cheetahlicious said...

I would way rather dance than sing, it's a passion of mine and I love that everyone can do it not just people who have heaps of training.
Also there are millions of styles so there is a style for everybody.
And with singing you either have a good voice or a bad one so yeah.
And with dancing you can just make a dance up whenever you want and just make all sorts of moves.
I'd play drums in a band because I really like beats and rhythms that you can tap your feet to and you can make dances on beats and rhythms.

mudpies02 said...

I would WAY rather dance than sing. I hate singing and I have been dancing since I was 6 (not as long as snowy). I only like singing on singstar! If I was in a band I would like to play the keyboard! It's fun!

fred said...

ummm I guess I would like to sing but if I got choose an Instrument in a band it would definetly be the drums.

Rock On

flower kitty said...

I think I would choose singing over dance.

What type of band do you mean Mr Woody?!?

Snowy, don't you mean since, not scence??


flower kitty said...


What would YOU do Mr Woody?!?


MrWoody said...

i find both singing and dancing challenging, yet wonderful, in the right circumstances. i would pick singing.

Roo said...

If I had to I would do dancing (since I'm not good at singing).
Well if I was in a band I would play the drums as I am learning to already. If I had to choose a different instrument I would probably play the guitar.


HamilTRON said...

Dunno about dancing and singing!!!
But I will play the drums hard out!!!
Drumming is so call.
Right now I am making a beat with my hands!!!


Neina-Marie said...

has anyone notcied all the boys like drumming?

I love to dance. It seems to make you tingle all over, from your head right down the the soles of your feet, and you seem to just radiant - the musci flows through you and you feel like your in a waterless current pulling you out to paradise.
But I like singing better, mostly because I am a bit better at it, and because you don't have to be trained by an expert. I wasn't. There are many different types of singing which suites anybody, you don't have to be flexible to do it, it doesn't make you all puffed, it is simple, easy and wonderful. ANd it makes you dive into the musical sea.

Neina-Marie said...

And cheetalicious's saying about how you either have a good voice or a bad voice - it is more self-confidince. We find the right confidence in you, you ROCK!
People like dancing more than singing, because with the right trainer and stuff you can do things right - but in singing, you just need CONFIDENCE - people get all shy infront of a mic. I say TOUGHEN UP!!!

Miss Signal said...

Wow Neina-Marie I really liked your explanation of what it feels like to dance. I would pick dancing too!
Miss S. :)

Dreamhuntress said...

I like singing and dancing. But i'd prefer to do singing.(My assesments on my blog.)

Cheetahlicious said...

I would beg to differ neina-marie.
You can just dance whatever, you don't have to be good and it really says alot about a person.
Dancing is about confidence, and if you have confidence then you can dance for anyone.
Dancing is an expression of the soul so anyone can dance and you don't have to be great, you just have to like it.
I learned from a great dancing movie: "If you like dancing you were made for it."
You can throw any dance moves together and just do it for fun, with singing you can't just throw a couple of words together with a few beats and a bit of music and suddenly come out with a song.
When your dancing you can find yourself and really let go.
I like singing, I really do but when it comes down to it I would rather dance then sing any day.

rosiegal said...

DANCING!!!! I hate signing, especially if it is by myself, and I would much much much rather dance!
Maybe drums or guitar?????

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Intrepid Tiger said...

If I was in a band I would play Cornet, Trombone or Drums. :D