Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Amazing presentation

Some of you are really impressing me with your work presentation. There are so many ways to do it; from blogs, to wikis, posters, podcasts, videos, songs, poems, scrolls, letters, paintings, etc - what are your favourite methods?

[...and have I used the semi-colon correctly or not???]

[...and what about that thing between the etc and the what? What is it and is it supposed to be there?]

[...and what are these three dots preceding my words? Should they be there?]


kitty milo said...

yes, i thik u have used the semi colon correctly. i was working on my mrvin today while you were teaching grammar to the class but yes i think the semi colon is right. the thing between the etc and the what is a hyphen. yes, its supposed to be there. im not sure what the three dots are. do they mean-continuing on from before or something???

Neina-Marie said...

The dot-dot-dot...
I am quite sure it means you have sort of just trailed away, or have been cut off. It can also mean ETC, or excetera.

I like that comic, but I don't get it...

Neina-Marie said...

The dot-dot-dot is called an ellipse!!!

Cheetahlicious said...

All of you are answering the bottom questions but what about the top?
I don't understand punctuation, it confuses me.
My favourite(they say that my favourite is spelt wrong) methods are posters, videos, podcasts, slide shows, photo presentations and good old writing.
Not very many I know but just telling it like it is.
B.T.W. What are your guys favourite sayings and why?
(I know, RANDOM)
I also want to say another reason tech can be bad is because you can't get your voice across so people understand what you are meaning, eg.- Jokes can be taken the wrong way because they can't hear the expression in the voice.

flower kitty said...

I have finished my project about my influential person if you want to look.


Roo said...

I like to present my work on paper as a poster of verbal.

Was that little dot at the end of my scentence supposed to be there? Also what is it called?

gnome said...

Mr Woody just asking in what order do the pages in the accordian novel have to be?

Neina-Marie said...

My favourite way of presenting work is in a colourful piece of paper with a well-written story on it.

Cheetahlicious said...

No one has answered my question - What is your favourite saying and why?