Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ThE AMaZinG mR TeeHaN's ClaSS

Read their blog to see what they learned about us and how we made an impact on the other side of the world. Let them know what it meant to you to be involved with them and what you learned about America; "The Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free"
- it certainly has been a pleasure :-)
Mr Teehan is an inspirational teacher and his class are very fortunate to have had him.

- one question - do the same kids come back to you after the holidays, Mr Teehan?

Blogger ~An0nym0usb0b said...
"I very much enjoyed working with the kids from new zealand, so to keep in touch with them i made a blog. Please go tho please post, comment and give some ideas and tips to improve my blog and make it easier to talk with the kids in new zealand."


Mr. Teehan said...

This class has been a wonderful class. Sadly, the students move on to the next grade and to new teachers. The class has expressed a desire to continue our connection and I intend to do so, as well. The students will return to school the first week of September. I am sure they will continue to visit your blogs over the summer as will I. I will add photos to my own blog of my experiences during the summer months. Some of your students may find my summer job interesting. Stay tuned to find out what it is!

One New Zealand studnet, Kitty Milo, wondered what I looked like. I will take a phot or video of myself and post on my blog tomorrow (Thursday) NJ time.

I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

hi its ashymashy
sorry i couldnt go to school today im sick im working off my mums laptop in my bedroom hi mr.teehan its great to hear from you once again today for us is thursday and i suppose its wednesday over there, it was sad we didnt do much with your other class but mabye your next class could get involved? because that would be great and mabye sometime we could send some letters and show you a pic of us with our real name and blog names???
see ya

mudpies02 said...

Mr Woody made a new video today!!
Yeah, it's been fun communicating with you guys, but hopefully your next class will be great too!!

kitty milo said...

hi mr teehan and mr teehan's class. mr woody filmed a better video today with us more organized and now you can see everyone who has commented like me, snow girl/snowy and marz barz and everyone else=] we also got one of marz barz doing gymnastics and yeah=] bye mr teehan and mr teehan's class=]

MrWoody said...

i'll upload the videos tomorrow.
i'm glad you enjoyed your day, kittymilo - did you learn anything? see the next post about key competencies to leave your answer.

remember everyone - the gardening experience is to be inclusive - not to start squabbles over who can do what or be involved. if that happens it's all off.

well done on a great start! now do the planning and the research.
what does the inquiry process tell us we need to do?
knowledge attack then questions to drive our research....

I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

oh booo i was there that sucks could we get a pic of me in there youve taken a couple of pics of me mr.wooody pretty please!!!!!

HamilTRON said...

Hey fellas!!!
I really enjoyed interacting with your class. We learnt many things about USA during our correspondence.
I hope that we can still keep in touch with each other.
Oh no!!! X-Country tommorow!!!
I've done some research for the things you told us about in class before the bell went!!!


Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

I love the blog therem it is so interesting!

mudpies02 said...

(I'm glad X country is over now too hamiltron!!)
Yeah, it was great that we could interact with them these two terms...
I learnt that people in America don't really know anything about the smaller countries below them... You're right Mr Woody, the Western area of the world is very much ego-centric! (No offence to you guys - but I suppose that it could be offensive to us Kiwis too...)

Kitty Milo Puss Puss said...

yay!!! ashy mashy, i'm sure mr woody will get photos of you=]

Anonymous said...

Mr Woody:
I will be using your blog site to introduce high school teachers to the possibilities ......... thanks for visiting my blog. I think I need to convince my teachers of the global outreach hence the addition on the clustr map. I enjoyed seeing the comments of your students.

una raimondo said...

Sorry Mr. Woody. I need you and your students to remember me .......I cannot be anonymous. My students need to see what you folks think of them.