Wednesday, June 11, 2008

RIP CHeeky

CHeeky, our special ratty friend, died this week and was buried with her beloved sister at our school behind the caretaker's shed.
We loved her dearly. She was so cool.
Now she is in ratty heaven.


flower kitty said...

Cheeky really stood out from the rest and used to be cheeky before she got unwell.
She'd just started to eat properly too...
R.I.P. Cheeky.


kitty milo said...

she really was a beautiful and cheeky rat who's personality and body stood out from all the other rats. we knew her for such a short time, but will remember her forever. we really loved her. fortunately, pretty much no one cried so it was just like a normal day that day. it was such an unexpected thing to happen, because she seemed fine the day before. she had gotten EXTREMELY skinny though. ]=. the poem i wrote will be posted on here asap. i will write one now.

your delightful smile greeted all of us every morning as we reached our desperate hands into the cage to pick you up.
You confidently waddled out and greeted us with your warm fur and snuggled into our sleeves of our polo-fleece jersies.
Your chubbie little body grew skinnier and weaker as you became a grandma.
You started to slow down in your old years but were still as kind and always made us feel happy.
your little body lived for as long as it could but gave up a few days ago.
You were with us so short but will will remember you for so long.
We love you.

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

The poem you read out at the funeral made me cry. I got a bit angry with myself then!
Oh Cheekmasta! She really was the most definite rat out of all! We knew who Cheeky was, and that is why at the start of the year she got all the attention, because she could be identifyed. She was soft and furry... Two people will miss her hard out though...
My vocie keeps trailing...

Cheetahlicious said...

Cheeky was my other half.
I know it sounds strange but it's true.
She was just a little bit different from the others, in personality and slightly looks.
We both always like seeing everyone and their smiles.
We both always wanted everyone to be happy with us and we want them to like us.
We are both most of the time happy.

Seeing her lying in the cage was really sad because she was just so full of life.
I really love Cheeky and Fluffball but they were both taken away from us to Ratty heaven, were all suffering ends and they are free of silly people talking all the time and beig rough with them.
B.T.W. One of the rats is stressed and is bleeding from the eyes.
And one has a bleeding tail.
Peppers fine though.

mudpies02 said...

Goodbye Cheeky...
You stood out from the rest...

rosiegal said...

I remember when we first had the rats after school, and I picked you out from your sisters, playing after school with you untill my mum came in and told me I had to go!!
I will miss your cheeky little paws scampering over my arms, and your cute, out going attidude. I will miss your beautifull orange and white coat, every so soft and mellow as you played on our sleves or shoulders. All Room5ians will miss you, and your sister who went before you. I hope you enjoy ratty heaven.
Love Rosiegal.

young_veteran said...

this is getting really sad their dropping like flies.
R.I.P Cheeky

Kitty Kat said...

RIP Cheeky and Peanut (fluffball)

Roo said...

She was so energetic.

Marshall said...

poor cheeky. she was a lovely rat till the end.