Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Great science lesson Mr Abrahams!

Mr Abraham's cool science lesson.

Mr WOody wanted to know where the bubbles come from when something boils.

Mr Abraham's designed a an experiment and discussion to help us find out. [Great Teaching Mr Abrahams!]

I found the discussion soooo fascinating and learnt heaps. [by the way - is it "learned" or "learnt"?]

What is our solar system mostly made of?

Where is most of the matter in our solar system 'stored'?

What are the units of matter that we can name?

[...are these questions very high up in Bloom's Taxonomy?]

Explain where the bubbles come from when something boils?

Imagine what it is like on other planets... or inside a molecule...


Kitty Milo said...

damn. I missed out on that cool lesson. Mr Woody I just sent it to you=]

Kitty Milo said...

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mojo said...

well most of the universe is made of hydrogen gas.

**KERLI** said...

Hi guys.
I am so unhappy that I couldn't be there for the science lesson.
I hope it was fun!
B.T.W. Please read peoples comments because it is really frustrating trying to tell a class information when most of the time you don't speak in class.

Roo said...

What mojo said.
The place where the most amount of matter is stored is the Sun.
The units I can remember are atoms, particles, molecules, nucleus, neutron and electron.
the bubbles come from the water atoms reacting to the heat and seperating and becoming a gas. Since the gas is lighter than the hydrogen the gas will rise through the hydrogen and escape into the air.

P.S. I think it is learnt.

rosiegal said...

Mr Woody- it is learnt!
Who is Kerli??? Is it a new cheetalishious?
I have never learnt science before, so i dont know most of the Mater questions.
The science lesson was very good, although it was a shame that the experiment did not work!

I just went out in the freizing weather and collected $31.50 for my spell a thon money!

Kitty Milo said...

hey guys! I just got back from Choir. It Was great! Bye!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I am glad you like choir so much. What song did you do?

ST said...

Hey, That was ST from Room Twenty2!

mech boy said...

Units of matter; baryons, anti-protons, protons, neutron, neutrino, leptons, electrons, quarks and gluons.

Our Solar system is mostly made of hydrogen, and 98-99% of that is in the sun.

Once you add the theory of dark matter into it you get quite confused.

P.S. Did you know 99.999% (approximately) of the mass in one atom is in the nucleus!

MrWoody said...

Come on Mechboy - I thought you said all of this stuff was not important.
[Well done today]

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Wow! I love sience, I just missed out!
(PS, my word verification had 'snot' in it. Does the computer know I have a cold???

mech boy said...

THIS stuff is important!!!!
I never said it wasn't!
This is SCIENCE!

Mr A-man asked me a question yesterday (on Thursday) he asked
"Why is the earth continually spinning slower?"
Now I have the answer.
The moon controls the tides and when the water moves around a lot it creates heat-which takes energy- and that heat evaporates into the atmosphere (or somewhere up there). We cannot reclaim the energy used in that process.
Where did the energy for this process come from?
Answer, the Earth's rotations, they create energy.
Because of the energy being used for the water less can be used for the Earth's spin.
Therefore, the Earth is spinning slower, decreasing the of total energy gained from the rotations.
There is nothing we can do to stop it!

P.S. Water is'nt the only culprit, magma also applies.

P.S. If you don't understand a certain part tell me and I will try to clarify.

Log-on said...

For the science fair is it cardboard or paper and is A2 right??

Marshall said...

I think the universe is mainly Vacuum and Dark Matter. If our Solar System (including all the vacuum and stuff) was mainly Hydrogen, then astraunauts won't have to wear such bulky spacesuits. And besides, The sun and the planets added together, they will be approximately a quarter of the Solar System With Vacuum.