Saturday, June 07, 2008

poster art competition

and our winners are:
Snowy and Marzy - well done Room5ians!
Constable Berquist deserves many thanks for his hard work on this project and thanks also to Casey Molloy from the HCC :-)
Thanks to the Waikato Times for the article and the photos


Cheetahlicious said...

Go Marz and Snowy!
Great job guys you did so well and your posters will really stand out if they go on the walls.
You've got great sayings on your posters and I hope lots of people will respond.
Everyone else did a great job to, so I bet we'd be pleased no matter what.
(Except my poster.)

rosiegal said...

YAY!! I saw the tottally awesome phtot and article in teh waikarto times, and it was great that we got in there! A big round of applause should go to all room5ians that entered, the posters were brill (my way of saying brilliant!)Its a great idea, and we are very priveledged to be the first class in the waikato to have it done to us, and now other schools get to see our art work too!
Pake pake (I hope I spelt it right!) and a big pat on teh back to snowy and marzy, but allso all others that did a peice of artwork.
All I can say is...

HamilTRON said...

Congratz Snowy and Marz Barz or should I say ms beamy!!!
Your posters looked soooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooool!!!
They standed out from the others and thats what matters!!!
P.S Good luck for all those hockey players trialling for the Waikato REP teams!!!
I'm trying out tommorow!!!


kitty milo said...

cool! in that photo the sun is shining on snowy's picture. thats a cool photo, the policeman and casey look stern. lol. u guys did really good posters!=]

Neina-Marie said...

I saw it in the (times) paper. I can see dreamhuntresses hair! And Hamiltron's jacket.

Snowy said...

Hi Guys,
I am so lucky to win the cool prize!!!!!
And i saw the picture in to Waikato Times!!!!!

Roo said...


mudpies02 said...

Congrats! You guys did so well to win! There were so many great posters! They really stand out & they have a great message :o)