Wednesday, June 25, 2008

KA - KE - PU - KU !!!!

Well done troops - you got yourselves to your maunga in fairly average conditions today and gave it a go. Special kudos to the summit-reachers and a mention must go to the mud pirates, slippery slopers, and our amazing stairsurfer.
Too bad we never got to wrestle any cows, go back in time, meet superheroes, or fight off menacing trees.
Did you think the old dog was reeeeallly a dog... ???


Snowy said...

I had soooooooo much fun today. JUst it was a shame that some people were sick so there could not have as much fun.
Hmmmm we sure got a very dirty bum!!!!!!!!!
I hope evrey one is felling better tomorrow

Bye, Snowy

Snowy said...

Opps, i mean EVERYONE and FEELING.............

HamilTRON said...

Hey peoples!!!
It was very fun climbing the mountain.
Aquagirl became a bit of a stunt artist falling of the stairs!!!
It was especially was fun when we were coming down the mountain!!!
By the time we came down all of our rear ends were covered in mud.
I loved my outfit!!!!

CHeck my blog out I have this comparison thing on it between mountains!!!!!


Dreamhuntress said...

It was really fun getting up and getting down, especially when we reached up the top of Kakepuku. But I would have to say the funniest thing that happened at the top was when Aqua girl slipped and flew down a 3~4meters tall tower thing (though it wasn't funney when it happened, it gave me a heart attack to see my best friend falling down like that).

I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

that was so fun i slid and slide like half the way down and i temptin bowled down kittymilo i so cant wait to go another time can we please go again pretty princess please!!!

Roo said...

Hey, if you would like to do a photo competition with random photos. Make a post with your photo in it and where it is. I will have a blog of some photos to demonstrate what I'm looking for.
I will judge the photos then choose a winner. If you are going to do this please put your blog url on my blog.


P.S. Kakepuku was really muddy. Wasn't it.

HamilTRON said...

Roo that is fantastic!!!!!!
I would like to enter!!!!


MrWoody said...

great idea, Roo!

HamilTRON said...

Lets go round 2!!!


Dreamhuntress said...

Samehere! I want to go to mt.Kakepuku AGAIN, PlEASE!

olly said...

That was so so so fun, especially sliding down the hill on my bum!!

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

I loved it at the start! We all tramped up, it was so cool, but I started getting breathless and my head hurt with any jolt. It was very discomforting!
When we got to half way, about five or six of us trekked back down, including me. There, we tried to scare the people after they came back down (you guys's took AAAAAAGGGGGGEEEEEESSSSSSS!) and I had a fever. On the bus, me and Emperress Penguin felt like death warmed up, felt like cowpat, felt like hell had freezed over, and other assorted feelings. In fact, us two ruined chances of going to the sustainable Garden at the Hamilton Gardens. I feel soooooooooooooooo guilty.
For DH and 'Tron, I will have a round two to the top when I feel up to the challenge (Yes, I sound like the world revolves around me, but I am feeling very un-girlish. I can't multi-task very well!) and when it doesn't be so wet and muddy. My sneakers are REVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLTING! Seriously, they are disgustingly brown, like pooh!

Kitty Milo said...

i absolutely looooooved it. me, ashy mashy, the unknown and seb were like, sprinting down and me ashy and t u were just sliding and skidding and getting dirty the whole time!!!
it's the funnest time i've ever had not at school but with class mates.
p.s- i have 8 spell-a-thon sponsers and still getting more. Akeko sponsored me Mr Woody! Yay!!!

Intrepid Tiger said...

Sounds like fun.

flower kitty said...

The trip was fun!

Neina-Marie, I don't think you and Empress Penguin spoiled going to the Sustainable Gardens.
We would of run out of time!!

I'm thinking about whether i'm a mud pirate or slippery sloper.


**KERLI** said...

Oh I feel sorry for people who didn't get to the top it was SSSSSOOOOOO funny.
There we were, sitting having lunch, chucking things down the lookout stairs, when suddenly...
aquagirl goes flying down the stairs with all the bags and lunchboxes.
I was scared in the moment for her, then scared in the moment for me but when I got down and I saw ashymashy and aquagirl laughing I started laughing too.
B.T.W. Mr. Woody is the most reassuring man I have ever met.
When we were walking up he told me "Don't worry, we can't die, we'll just break our legs."
On the way down the lookout stairs I was really scared because of what happened to aquagirl but Mr. Woody to the rescue with: "Don't worry you can only crack your scull."
He is just a lifesaver to me. (SARCASM).

Mushroom Shortie said...

Sad I couldn't go..REALLY SAD. It sounds like you all had a, Er, lovely time..?

Mushroom Shortie said...

Hey mr. Woody if you look at the clustrmap and look around New Jersey area it's crazy red. :-)