Sunday, June 29, 2008

winter planting

What should we be planting at this time of year?
Do you know about Matariki and the maori planting calendar?
What are your favourite veges or fruit?

Winter Crops



Kitty Milo said...

Hi. My middle name is the name of one of the stars in the Matariki!!
Maia.! cool aye.....
There is a story about how the Matariki stars got there!
If you want to read it go to this website please:

Here is a website about what crops they planted and why at that time:

Here is a website that show you the formation and, not the Maori names but the Greek names:
I looooooove Tomatoes,nectarines, strawberries and all fruit and veges. It's all delicious=]

**KERLI** said...

I would say stuff but kitty milo said it all.
My cousins middle name is Matariki.
My middle name (Maori) is Tapairu o te ao meaning woman of the world.
Cool aye.

Kitty Milo said...

cool kerli. Know I know your actual real name.

I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

Yeah they have said it all, so there is nothing for me to really say!

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Not quite ashymashy.
Mr Woody, please note I put friut above most lollies. I will make an exception for lollie Singa! (say Sainga.)
I love feijoa. I love it so much I am not sure how to spell it. I have a funny (I think) story on how I was born, which relates to feijoas.
Then, there is passionfruit. Yep, seeds and all. sooooooooo double triple tasty.

my favourite veges... I'm not sure if I actually put in order. However, I do like carrots and string beans. If they are still classified as fruit. (honestly! A cucumbers a fruit, an eggplant, a tomato - WHAT NEXT???)

rosiegal said...

I think I remember a post about Matariki a while ago, I think its the pic i rememba!
Fruit for me, is berry's (I looooove strawberrys) and Passionfruit!
I love good roast veges, crispy potatoes, Kumara, and my most fave : YAMS! People say they look like Huhu grubs, but they are delicious! I have no clue about Matariki, but will look up sum of ur webasites kitty milo!

MrWoody said...

Read about Bobbie Bigfoot and look fo the Earthday quiz:

the unknown said...

I am sick and I will not be coming to school (again)

Interesting comments,
My favourite fruit is,
The mandarine!

My favourite vege is...
well lets just say that I eat what im given.

The unknown

**KERLI** said...

My mums middle name is Te Ao Marama which means the world of light.
Te Ao is referring to the world.
My sisters middle name is Amokura which means treasure that you hold in your hands.
There are lots of cool names in Maori.
It is because Maori are warrior poets.
B.T.W. My mum was wondering what we are or did do for Maori language week.

rosiegal said...

As well as the unknown, I am not at school, as you may know! I think I caught my sniffles from mudpies and Kitty milo! >_<
PLease update me on the happenings in class today!

rosiegal said...

I also have two awesome widgets on my blog, a tiger pet, and an art drwer! PLease say if I need anything in about spella thon too!

flower kitty said...

Mr Woody, what is the topic for the sciencee fair wall charts?

Sorry, off topic.


gnome said...

I think a good pthing to grow would be the kiwi fruit for a nice kiwi touch (actually chinese)

awesomo4000 said...

how about we grow ginger and make ginger beer

mudpies02 said...

I thought you said that pretty much everything we grow in summer we could grow in winter because it's in a green house....

Btw, I touch typed everything from 'pretty' to 'because'!!! It took ages though because I'm not used to it!

Do you like Daffy???