Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bloggers are "monkeys living by the law of the jungle"

"Malaysian candidates required to have blogs"

According to the Malaysian youth deputy Khairy Jamaluddin [A Malaysian politician] people who blog are monkeys, but now even he has succumbed to the usefulness of this modern communication tool.

Read the article by following the link and analyse the points of view contained within. Assess the author's purpose and write what you think it is as comments.

"Israeli officials: Facebook is national security threat"

As cybersafe Room5ians, you are aware of the potential peril's of social software such as Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, etc. As M-learning secret agents, you do not want to give away personal details to complete strangers via the net. It could jeopardise your cover.

The Israeli military is highly skilled and has concerns over the use of Facebook by it's troops. Read the article to establish the main point of their opinion. Write it here as a comment.

"Even your dog has a blog"
Even your dog has a blog
It goes without saying that Max, a 3-year-old golden retriever can't talk. But that doesn't stop him from chronicling his dog's life -- as told to his owner Aubrey Jones -- on the blog "Max the Golden Retriever".

- read the article and the blog of the dog, then use your reading stategies to determine the author's purpose or reason for writing Max's blog. State your opinion as a comment.


mr woody said...

See Max's blog here...

Roo said...

It's like monkeys how they can remember light patterns better than humans.

I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

he he thats very funny i like the dog picture it s smart were did you find it?and why are we monkeys if we have blogs were getting education from this

mr woody said...

Ashymashy - have you read the instructions and the articles?

The dog was on a link i found through my internet news site.


kitty milo said...


Abdul Rahman: Abdul Rahman thinks that vying national youth posts must have blogs to introduce themselves. if the don't have one they are not qualified to be leaders.

Party Politicians: Party Politicians think that bloggers spread lies and rumours.

in the article about facebook the main point of opinion is: they want to prevent soldiers and Defence ministry from revealing information on internet sites like facebook.

Authors purpose: i think that the authors purpose is to tell people about max's life and how he see's the world through his dog eyes.
My Opinion: think that max's blog is great to read and it has cool stories and expressive words and links to websites and it shows how max lives his life!!!!!
i hope i have written on all the subjects

mr woody said...

Outstanding work KittyMilo! That is an excellent response.
Everyone else may have to write their answers in their books.

Neina-Marie said...

No. 1:
A point of view:
Abdul Rahman states that every polotician needs a blog, because then the poloticians can write what they need to say (well, thats what popped up into my head when I mulled over the article).
The poloticians, however, are sure that blogs spread lies and rumours. (A bit of detective work for us, room5ians!)

No. 2:
Not so good face-book:
The main point in this is that in the text and pictures army soldiers are using on their accounts can be deciphered into 'sensitive' equipment, and that troops need to be more careful about where their best foot stomps.

Max the golden retriver (and the room5ian!):
I am quite sure the authors purpose is to show how a dogs life is, and that because they don't speak english, their life is done in short blocks, not like I went over and looked how my tennis ball was....
My opinion:
I actually thought it was a bit hard to read. When I read things, they need to be really detailed and easy to read, that make sense and blend together like well-whipped sugar and butter (mmmmmmnnnnnnnn).

Thats all! (For now!)

mr woody said...

excellent summarising and reporting and opinion sharing Neina-marie! Well done once again. A Spectacular analysis of the texts.

mr woody said...

Neina-marie's last line is truly exquisite :-)

Neina-Marie said...

That's all (for now!)???
That line???
Or the line that usually wins me high distinctions in writing competitions (ICAS)???
The whipped sugar one????

Neina-Marie said...

The wrhiped sugar one is a simale.

MrWoody said...

the whipped sugar one - do you use it often?

Neina-Marie said...

No... it is the type of word. The simale, it is called. I think I said he stroked his beard thoughtfully, like a wise man telling our future and others in the piece for ICAS when I was 10.

Cheetahlicious said...

I don't really know if this has to do with anything but I think blogs and online profiles can be fun and a great way to socialize with friends as long as you use it properly and safely.

Log-on said...

whats next rats having blogs