Saturday, April 12, 2008

Room5ians live up to the school motto - "First Learn to Serve"

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"Weed work worthwhile"

Does anyone know the Maori translation of our school motto?



kitty milo said...

wow! those are huge weeds that girl is carrying! she must be strong. cool picture mr woody!

mr woody said...

that girl is doing very well in her school work. hopefully she will maintain high standards of behaviour with her classmates also and continue to perform acts of service to the school.

Roo said...

Yeah those are massive weeds.

P.S.Can we do more weeding?

rosiegal said...

AWesome weeding efforts the other day! Me and Mudpies are at my house, and are looking at the blog!!!

Neina-Marie said...

In my maori dictonary, 'first' in english is translated into three:
tuatahi, wawe, matua.
'Learn' is ako, 'to' is ki, kia, and 'serve' is manaaki, aro atu ki.
Hoped that helped! We could choose which ones suite our motto the most, and go with that.

MrWoody said...

very good NM - the school has a slightly different version of it. you will find it written in different places around the school.

Snow Girl said...

Hey, Mr woody
do you have the pic of me with the weed as a hula skirt???


Neina-Marie said...

I found the maori version out today, its Tuatahi something ar rather. I wanted to memeorise it but being in Room 5 is quite enough!!!

MrWoody said...

yes, snowy - i do.
getting close, neinaM

mech boy said...

its Tuatahi, Kia marama ki te manaaki

Log-on said...

have we remembered to water that tree