Wednesday, April 30, 2008

HCC Dog Control

The nice people at the pound [next to SPCA] need warm bedding for all their poor dogs. It will be very cold there through winter, so see if you can find old blankets, polar fleece, woolen jumpers, dog coats, etc, to help the poor crittters out.

Check out the good news stories here:


Snow Girl said...

Hey Mr Woody, I read about this on the HCC website about a month ago.
I think that it is a good thing thing to do for all the poor dogs at the pound!!!

I have got to say but trying to get Fluffball to take his paste (medicine) is not easy!!!!
But i think that we have got it all under controll now!!!!


MrWoody said...

you're a champ, snowy - thanks for looking after the ratties :-)

Snow Girl said...

Hey, not a problem!!!

Marshall said...

it's really good to see that people are doing great things to help dogs and other animals in trouble.
Marshall looks extremely like Preta (the dog on the blog-whoops, it's supposed to be post), but he is far more naughty!
you can also visit the SPCA homepage sometimes. it also contains info about adoption:

Snow Girl said...

Also remember that it is not just the pound that needs stuff the SPCA is always looking for beds, food and toys this is how the SPCA they reliy on the public to donait stuff like that so they can help all the poor animals out!!!


MrWoody said...

yes, they both need stuff - i think the pound may have more dogs though and they get put down there whereas the spca keeps them forever if they don't find a home.
i might go and become a dog walker.

Snow Girl said...

Yes, the pound has more dogs than the SPCA. When im older i want to become a volunteer for the SPCA!!!

rosiegal said...

Is the pound linked to the Spca in any way? Like from the same sort of buisness? I would also like to volinteer to work at the Spca,but I wouldnt like to walk any big big dogs, because once a big dog lead me right down a steep hill and I had to let its lead go to stop m,yself breaking anything! Who is lolking forward to school on monday? I sorta am, cause i have had a nice relaxing break, but also not because I dont want to have to wake up at 6:30 in the morning!

Roo said...

Yeah it is really cool that there are places like the SPCA and Pound that take in and care for lost or badly treated animals.

Neina-Marie said...

I HAVE to be an SPCA vollenteer - me and my mum and my annoying little sister go there every so often and pat the cats and rabbits. The really lonely ones I look out for. There was this absolutely gorgeous black cat with soft soft fur, and I was a little angry that such a beautiful creature could still be there.

For the pound, maybe old towels too - they are warm, and dry, and they may need them. But blankets are better.
The pound is in a way worse off than the SPCA, because people acctually want to vollenteer. People may want to vollenteer for the pound too (I think you vollenteer) but thats a bit tougher. I mean, those dogs are wandering the streets!

rosiegal said...

Its cool that there are so many helpfull voulenteers for places like the SPCA and the pound who take their own time and money to help these poor animals! Does any one rememba Neina marie's song about the spca?!!!!!!!!!! I have done 6 pages of my kakepuku now!

mudpies02 said...

Oh! I'll ask if we have any old blankets! I want to help!! 8o)

Log-on said...

ohhh poor dogs