Sunday, April 13, 2008

Reading activities for Monday, Tuesday, etc...

Remember Steve Austin? The Six Million Dollar Man? Probably not, because you weren't even born when he graced our television sets in the 70s.
Well, this isn't about Steve Austin. We ROom5ians have just come close to a special connection to the $5 Dollar Man! And he was way cooler than the Six Million Dollar Man because he was real and he was one of us.
Part of our reading programme will be relating to him this week.

The main reading material however, is the City Council's strategic plan. This seems sensible given that we are now included in their Creative and Innovative annual plan and have several active rolls in council affairs. We should understand what the Strategic Plan is and how we can contribute. They have asked us to make submissions so we should work out how to do this and think about what we want to say.

ALSO in ROOM5 this week and next term:

We will use interesting "filters" such as Gardner's Revised Bloom's Taxonomy and Directed Thinking strategies to help us analyse and evaluate the impact of the V8s on Hamiltron.

We will use Pohl's Thinking Keys to help us creatively design an exciting new City Heart for Hamilton.

We will learn how to use Gardner's Multiple Intelligences to add value to our follow up reading activities.

All our reading will be based around the $5 Man, Hamilton City Council planning, innovative city design, V8 supercars, tagging, water supply and the mighty Waikato, and our visit to Kakepuku.

We will use Taylor's Multiple Talent Model to make decisions about what we would do if we were the Mayor or CEO of Hamilton for a week.

Needless to say, this is going to spill over into Term Two.

What must be completed this week is the self portrait and the Kakepuku Narrative [draft only].


Roo said...

It's Sir Edmund Hillary.

kitty milo said...

the reading comprehension stratagies that you would use in this post would be.....
ask questions
predict- make a hypothisis
create mental images
i think the 5$ man is Sir Edmund Hillary!!
yes, he was one of us because he was a new zealander!!!
if you want information on the 6 million dollar man then you can go to this website:
it tells you all about the 6 million dollar man and about the show and lots more about him...!!!
what we aredoing this week sounds awesome. i like the sound of using Pohl"s thinking keys to help us creatively design a brilliant new city heart for hamiltON.

god zero said...

I wuld say that yes the 5$ man is yes indeed the one and only sir edmund hilary thanks to mr woody who stole my 5$ bill!

I cant wait for the kakepuku trip!
and all the other stuff to find out more about the 6 million dolloar man then go to

Neina-Marie said...

Weeeeeeeeeell, I kenw at the start that the $5 man was Sir Edmund Hilary - and he is worth much more than that.
I know who God Zero is, but I feel it's a weird name....
Hey, I don't like thinking keys AT ALL, because in my past we were pressed and pressed about the keys so much I nearly screamed.

Neina-Marie said...

Ask questions is a KEY strategy, for we may not know what some words mean, we may want to know how much time will be involved.....................

kitty milo said...

yes, neina marie is right, he may be the 5 dollar man, but he is wirth more than that!!!

kitty milo said...

by 5 dollar man, i mean he is on the 5 dollar note!!!

Neina-Marie said...

Go to this, it s soooooo awesome (sorry to go offtopic)

MrWoody said...

excellent post earlier Kittymilo - i think you are doing a great job of analyzing the required reading strategies.
it is also encouraging to find out that students look forward to using higher order thinking skills in their work.
NM - i understrand that some teachers may overuse these strategies and make them tedious - i promise not to do that :-)

rosiegal said...

Yes, the reading activities were very good today, and was helpfull for for all of us! I really would like to do a debate: I am a good arguer! GO THE $5 MAN!!!!!!!!

Marshall said...

the reading strategies are very helpful for this topic. i'm doing the blog-reasding thingy mr woody stated today.
p.s thanks for advertising, neina-marie. i really appreciate it.

mudpies02 said...

The reading activity about the $5 man sounds interesting, but I would most like to do the 'City heart revitalisation program' :c)

Go to my 'Jokes, riddles and mind boggling stuff' blog! (Please!!)

hamilTron said...

I think the $5 man is Sir Ed, cause he is on the $5 note. Pretty obvious.
I thought the directed strategies were really effective with the V8 positives, negatives, alternatives and so on.
Can't wait for that debate.
I've got some resources on my blog so check them out.


Log-on said...

who thinks that sir ed deserves to be on a coin or a different type of dollar note