Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You have a PXT from AGENT S

Live action from the track as cars arrive for the HamiltON 400!!!


mojo said...

wow that's cool I think I know who sent it

kitty milo said...

that's a cool photo. fird's are cool.

MrWoody said...

i think it must be Agent S!

mudpies02 said...

Holdens are better though....

mudpies02 said...

Oh, because Mum just sent you an email saying that there is a pxt on our blog with the phone number!!

rosiegal said...

Awsesome photo!! Today I left school early because I had to go to the book luancj for 'Go Murph!'. It was really cool and greg murphy was there, and he signed a book for my cousin! My parents had to sign about the book royaltiews, but I dont get any money, it all go's to the school!! =0(! !!

the unknown said...

theres a purger at burger king and mcdonalds called the 'murphy' burger and I find that strange.
Go holdens!
Go fords!

I cant decide which one to go for.

Roo said...


Those Fords. Grrrrrrr.
I want Holden.

Snow Girl said...

Hi guya,
Very cool pic.Dony t forget tomorrow morning at 6.30 and tv 3 we will be on TV!!!

rosiegal said...


mech boy said...

Holden (GM Holden Ltd) is an AUSTRALIAN automaker based in Port Melbourne.

Ford Motor company is an AMERICAN multinational corporation and the world's third largest automaker.

GO FORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I HATE Australians! (no offense to any Australians out there).

Did this comment sway your decision?
Ford has more money!So they make better cars (you would think).

hamilTron said...

Sup peoples!!!
I think that picture looks really cool.
Holden's are better though!!!
That's a early sign of an Australian Invasion!! aaagggghhh!!!!!!!
It's all right.
all for good reason.

Neina-Marie said...

Thats a cool photo agent S. I love it (at least I think its agent s!)!!!
It's funny how everyone wants holden. I don't. I want Hord! Or Folden. I can't choose out of Holden and Ford. When I watch TV tomorrow (I can't tonight because I have a Tv proghram) I'll choose the best ad for the cars.
I will be up at Six to get ready for hockey training, so I will definitely try to watch us shout Folden!!!

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

i like holden just because i do and i like ford because they support the chiefs.

Marshall said...

there closing the v8 racing track on... i think tomorrow. now we are only allowed to walk on the pathways. it'll be an extremly good chance to get awesome pics of the tracks before the real crowd gathers around you!
P.S aww man! GO HOLDENNS!!!

Marshall said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

seeing that some people will not be able go toschool tomorrow, can I make a learning program with math, spanish or maybe chess?
It'll be on my blog.

olly said...

Even though Fords have more money, surport the awesome CHIEFS(Who are going to THRASH the unbeaten Crusaders!!) and they're not Aussie's(No offense)....I still like HOLDENS!!


mudpies02 said...

Holdens rock!!! (I don't know why though!!)
Mum went to the hairdresser to get her hair cut, and the hairdresser was wearing a Holden hat!! (That was good alliteration!)

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

what a game! we did it olly! we broke the crusaders unbeaten record with a score of 18-5! i think S Donald played the best and Leonard had a bit of a shocker of a game but hurray, bringing us up on the table to 3rd!!!!!

mudpies02 said...

YAY!!! Go the Chiefs! :oD