Tuesday, April 15, 2008

V8's - good, bad or undecided?

What's your opinion? I'm interested in informed opinions only. Not just repeated prejudices or vague ideas about what might be true. Find out the facts by reading all the different articles, policies, strategies, etc in class. Ask people. Interview People. Analyze the information then decide for yourself what you think is a fair position to take. Be prepared to justify your opinion.
And thank you for being so wonderful.


Snow Girl said...

I think that the v8s are an awesome oppurtunity for HamiltON as it will atract more people into the city and by things in our local shops. And also people will come to HamiltON to experiance it for them selfs not what they have heard about HamiltON(they will find out that it is really cool).
But it will be a great test of whether HamiltON will be able to host such an event!!!
If some can try and prove me wrong i will happy!!!

rosiegal said...

I also am for the V8's but Im going to argue against.
Bad Points:
* People say that it will attract more people into hamilton, yes it will but it will atract lots of drunk boy racers into hamilton.
* During and after the big concert, there will be a lot of drunk/dangerous people roaming the streets of hamilton, This could definetly be unsafe and not good for the normal, sensibly V8 lovers who are going to the concert!
* A lot of people have been praising all the money that will come into hamilton. Well think of all the poor business men (and ladies) who have lost their profit from the last months because of roads and acsess ways being cut off from the tiresome moving in of the gear.
* Yeay, yeah, so what the buses are free. But most buses will be severly late because of tricky time tables ajustmennts, The buses will fill up really fast due to people getting to work on the buses.
* Less edjucation for students whose schools are off on the friday.
* why put up massive, concrete structures for a week, and then take them all down again, only to use them again next year? This wastes time: Time that it takes to put up pull down every year will add up to a lot of wasted time. It wastes money: Hiring all the people to put up and take down all the stuff. It just wastes EVERYTHING!!

I hope you like! By the way I am for the V8's, I just decided to go against becausenot many people would!
Rosie gal

the unknown said...

I think that its good for the v8s to come to hamiltON because it will make hamiltON look good and also the v8s is usally in australia nd we are 1 of the only 2 races to be out of australia. the event hascost alot of money and some people think that its gone to waist but I think that they may use it agian so thats not a couple of million dollars gone. while people fropm around NZ are at the v8s they ill get to know hamiltON a bit better and think that its more on than off. I dont see why people are making such a big fuss about the pollution because as mr woody said that the cars a very tuned and dont use up alot of fuel and also we are not allowed to drive our cars so it all balances out.
any way for an over all comment I think that its great to have the v8's in hamiltON but I wouldnt count on the weather thats the only down side!

the unknown said...

an extra thing id like to add is that all the money that the v8s make will be forwarded to makeing hamiltON a better place so its not all going to the drivers and those sort of people.

Snow Girl said...

Rosie gal,
-Some the money that was spent this year would have been towards the big fences and if they just go away a come the next year that is better that us having to remake them.
- And because the buses are free this will incuridge people to walk or take the bus. If they do thesse things during the racing weekend they may see that it is a great way to get around town.
-Walking is great for your health and fitness and there will be less cars on the roads.
-Buses are a good cheap option not only only for the race weekend but on work days. If you take a bus it will free up the roads as there will not be as many cars on the road. It will also reduce pollution.

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

i'm for the hamilton 400 because of all of the reasons everyone else has stated BUT i do think there are some issues, some of them which should and could be dealt with.

the unknown, yes, all of the pollution may balance out but dont we want to reduce it? AND if it is true that paople from all over NZ are coming to see it, they will most likely drive to hamilton which is ADDING to the pollution, not reducing it.

YES, the buses are encouraging people to not take their cars, and they did the same for balloons over Waikato, but people still took their cars, and they held up the buses! the same thing could easily happen here. im not sure if the organisers have or not but maybe the resolution to this problem would be to close all the roads around the admission/parking/where everybody goes to, and only let the buses in.

along with that, if the weather is bad then alot less people will walk resulting with.... MORE TRAFFIC!

kitty milo said...

hi, i think that the v8 has it's good and bad points!!!
good points.

-people who buy tickets for the v8's,
that money will go towards hamilton,
improving our city and making it a better
- the v8's will focus media
attention on hamilton
-it gives people from hamilton a chance
to engage with people from other cities.
-it will promote hamilton because if people
come here they will see what a great place it
really is.
-more and more people will come back each year
therefore increasing our money we get
(we have the v8's in hamilton for 8 years)
- it's forcing hamilton buisnesses such as hotels, motels resturants, places like that to up their game to deal with the amount of people that are coming into hamilton
- the caterers could enjoy their time doing what they love doing (cooking)
-it shows people that YES hamilton can host big events like this and YES we are prepared for it, that's if we host it well of course.
- it entertains people
- people that compete from New Zealand wouldn't have to pay all the costs for taking their cars over seas for the v8's races.
- it brings people together from all over new zealand for a positive, fun, family event, not s big tragerdy.
- and last of all, it makes speeding and racing in cars controlled.
Bad Points:
- all the cars from everone who is coming to the v8 races would cause looooooooooooooooots of trafic therefore making it unsafe and all the time spent waiting in traffic could be spent in more beneficial ways
- the v8 event attracts boy racers
- hamilton is already running out of water, and with all the extra people coming into hamilton think how much less water we would have because people would be drinking out of taps and having showers and baths.
-all this time and effort and work that is put into setting up for the v8's , and the v8's will only be going for a weekend, so there's all that 2 months wasted.
-people who come to hamilton from other cities might do more tagging and wreck trees or burgal somewhere.
-with all these cars it would cause losts of pollution.
- the amount of rubbish that will be thrown everywhere from beer bottles, chippie packets and food that will be sold at the v8's racing.
- once the v8's are over just like that it will take the workers ages to get everything down .
-the caterers that will be serving food, the could get stressed making the v8's a stressful time for them.
- some people who would absolutely love to go to the v8's couldn't go to them because they couldn't afford it but some people who hate the v8's and think it's pointless might be going because they can afford it.
- the people actually DRIVING the v8 cars could crash and get seriouslly injured or hurt. ( but they are proffesionals)
- and last of all, some people go other places in the holidays like to a camp or visit relatives and might not have known that the v8's were on that holiday so it could intefere with other plans and therefore you would miss out.!!!!!!

so now that you have seen both sides, good and bad what do you think? do you think that the v8's is a good event for hamilton to host?
if you have any other opinions supporting what you think about the v8 racing supercars please add your opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roo said...

I think the V8's are a good thing for Hamilton.
The HCC are trying really hard to make a environmentally friendly. So the pollution level is low.
It is a great opportunity for Haimlton's image because it is bringing lots of people into Hamilton.
Shops will get heaps more money from the amount of tourists going out at night and during the day.
It is also a really fun thing to go to.

rosiegal said...

Very good debating fellas! By the way snow gal, thanks for reminding me about the sunrise tv3 thing!!!

rosiegal said...


mech boy said...

Uhhh..... Rosgiegal, on one of your comments I couldn't disagree more, you said "DRUNK, BOY racers into hamilton."
1. Who says they are boys? You would just assume that, It's just like people saying that Maori's are the one who tag all the time.
2. Who says they will be drunk? I would have to assume the City Council would realise that there will be heaps of drunk people and respond buy placing heaps of police all over the place. That would essentially stop the smart drinkers from drinking lots.

Sorry if it doesn't make sense, please tell me if it doesn't.

Log-on said...

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hamilTron said...

I am For the V8 Supercars coming to Hamilton. There are many good points and a few bad points for this event. But the HCC (Hamilton City Council) are trying to work on making this event greener.

I will now state my opinion on the positives.

* This will be a great financial cause for Hamilton's economy.

*A great event for Hamilton to make there apperance on the stage.

* This will add to Hamilton's hallmark of events.

* Change people's mind about the city.

* Attract more people to the city.

* Support my digital story for my project.


Marshall said...

i'm... you know- sort of in the middle, but a little bit going FOR the v8's. i got a few reasons, but some of them might have been already stated.
going FOR:
-as you all know, this is a whole world event. it will attract LOTS of people into HamiltON, making business rise and moremoney comes into the city.(but that will backfire...)
-you know how much the tickets cost??? NOW THAT IS MAD! but more money goes into Hamilton and... you all know what happens.
-like kitty milo stated, WHO SAYS HAMILTon CAN'T HOST A WORLDWIDE EVENT???
- i like the way the HCC took the v8's off auckland, and HamiltON is not a boring place.
going AGAINST:
-people all say that the pollution will be balanced, but have you thought that... what if it dosen't? what if the plan backfires? how would people know the pollution will be balanced IF THEY DIDN'T WITNESS THE TEST (if there was one)? now that could be a problem...
-as i said in the GOING FOR, i stated that more people are coming into hamilton (agent S estimated half of hamilton's population are coming), how can we handle that? city centre is already a bit full, how could we fix that problem?

mech boy said...

I am FOR the V8's but all the good points have already been said.

P.S. I will be making a new post on cement! Did you know the panama canal was built with cement? Did you know the Hoover dam was built with cement?

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

i dont think the pollution will be balanced because even though there will probably be less car use from the residents of hamilton, look at all of the people coming in to hamilton; either by car or plane mostly, and i know they let off a lot of pollution.

mudpies02 said...

Yeah, and snowgirl, there isn't actually less cars on the road because I've been told that it is absolute mayhem in town, which sounds as if there is MORE cars on the road. I don't know if that's true, though, because I haven't actually been there myself - we have kept well away of the place! But I do know that it is causing inconvenience to any hamiltonians who aren't going to the V8's as it is SO busy in town.

:o) Muddie :o)

Snow Girl said...

Well as far as i no, a lot of the locals have gone out of town and all the shop are reallllllllly quiet so i think that they are wayyyyyy less cars on the road. And when my Family and I were walking to the V8s the busses were PACKED there qas no room at all on the ones that we saw.
One thing that i noticed that there is no buss stops any where on River road/Memorial drive this makes it difficult for people who live in te area to take a buss to the V8s or in fact any where!!!!