Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Key Competencies in our learning

Part of your assessment for last term and this term is based on your mastery of certain key competencies. What are these mysterious sounding things?
How have they been integrated into your learning so far?
Are they important? Why?

Capabilities for living and lifelong learning

The New Zealand Curriculum identifies five key competencies:

  • thinking
  • using language, symbols, and texts
  • managing self
  • relating to others
  • participating and contributing.


hamilTron said...

Hey guys.
I think the key competencies are very important for as learners.
I think this is very important in our learning to express ourselves in our point of view.
Using language, symbols and texts:
Using language and symbols and text to alter your thinking.
Managing Self:
Being Independent in your learning and managing time and all that stuff.
Participating And Contributing:
Really getting involved in class activities and getting involved with activities in the school. e.g sports, librarian like what Ms Barham was saying in the last assembly of term.
I think the Key Competencies have helped me integrate my learning in Term One.
I think the Key Competencies well help integrate more in Term Two
Managing Self has impacted me alot.


Roo said...


Neina-Marie said...

Since Hamiltron has told everyone what the KC's are, I'll say how they have intergrated into my learning.

How the key competencies have been weaved into my learning (I am not sure I am supposed to be doing this, I have THOUGHT about it:

(Oh, before that, the answer to are they important? is YES! they are very important, because when you understand, you can do it better, cleaner and step up a level. Basically, if you knew about participating and contributing, you would do it, but if you didn't, you wouldn't. My way of saying - simply OBVIOUS!)

1: Well, you obviously think - I mean, you think before you speak (three milliseconds or something absurd). But, I mean, learning about tagging, I thought about the answers the awesome officer gave me, and understoof them. I learnt better because I thought over what he had said.
2: With language and symbols and text, I have used them to explain (in our draft of Linda and I's Graffiti project) about what we want to know, how we will get our anwers and so on. They are extremely important!
3: You don't want to have a tizz with your parntner so managing yourself is a double-yes! Also, don't get carried away and so on... you need to stick to the subject.
4: Relating to others... I'll have to THINK about that...

Ok,. I'll do the rest tomorrow. See, I have to go. My computertimes over. Darn!

rosiegal said...

Awesome comments people! Especially you Neina Marie, Really interesting stuff you have written! I think everyone has said any thing so i wont copy anthing!

Neina-Marie said...

Nice comments RG. I feel flattered!

Ok, back to no. 4:

Well, in a way, I suppose you have to relate to others so that you don't say the wrong thing or so you can understand what they mean. I don't know how I have related to others.....

Participation and contribution, is,w ell, obvious! I have participated in the Meteor thingy, I have participated in the walking tour, and I am participating in many other things to come!
I have contributed to the blog, room 9s blog and my blog. I have contributed to My kakepuku, both on and off line.

There, I supose I did that. Yeah.

mudpies02 said...

Cool... everyone's kinda said what I would've said :c)