Wednesday, April 30, 2008

HamiltON homework

By the end of Week One , Term Two, you need to have your own blog and on this blog you need to include the digital photos you have taken of Hamilton, [or ones you have found on the net]. If you took normal photos and have prints, you can scan them and post them. Anyone who does not have the equipment at home needed to do this can do it at school.
This must be achieved by Friday Week One.

You must then comment on this post saying your photos can be viewed on your blog.

The second task is to outline on your blog or in your topic book what your digital story is focusing on for the HamiltON inquiry project.

The third task is to create a storyboard outlining how your digital story will work. Step by step, image by image and with the text and any other explanation of what your Marvin characters might do to help narrate your digital story.

You will then create a digital story using the Marvin software. It is just like Powerpoint but with extra characters to help make your story more exciting for the audience.

The Digital story [using Marvin] must be no longer than 3 minutes in length, have no more than three Marvin characters in it, and be focused on the topic, not the use of characters or the inclusion of unnecessary actions.
The dialogue must be used sparingly to complement the written information. You must use your images of Hamilton [or those related to your personal theme] as background images.

The Hamilton inquiry, Marvin digital story, must be finished by week four of this term.
We will use the computers at school to get the work done in class time. Your homework is to upload the photos to your blog as stated at the beginning
You may include voice over narrative, music, video clips, scanned artwork, etc, for extra credit.

The best digital story will win a fabulous prize - Annick the Researcher and Elaine Her Majesty will introduce you to more information about exciting prizes and will judge the competition.
You will be competing against Room9!

Any questions?


flower kitty said...

Mr Woody, don't you mean Week One, Term Two?
I'll put some photos of the Hamilton Gardens on my blog.
If I can find them...

MrWoody said...

great proof reading, flowerkitkat :-)
i look forward to seeing that extremely important part of your inquiry project on your blog

[did everyone get the message?]

kitty milo said...

i cant waaaaaaiiit to make a marvin movie... i'n going to start planning mine now and taking more graffiti photos to help me with my marvin becase i really want to win that prize...
i havent been on 4 ayges!!! ok bye:-)

Marshall said...

i really must get on with the tasks, for i haven't taken the pictures yet. i might need to start planning my storyboard for HamiltON in my spare tome with my buddies. my goals for this task:
#1: co-operate with my buddies in this project, to produce a powerful presentation
#2: use time efficiently
#3: win the prize!
P.S this is off topic but- if you are a superhero in the kakepuku adventure, could you please state on one of my posts of how to get to the crater and escape? PLEASE?

MrWoody said...

good work marshall - there is a small pyramid at the top of the mountain which you can get into and find a magical vortex which can either send you back to your own time or turn you into a super hero!

rosiegal said...

My Pda's pictures are not going to be able to go into the computer, as it cant be set up to do that with out it neeeding to be on a plan1 =o( But my partner, Mupies had some phtos on her camera, so I'm al right!

Roo said...


This is off topic but Mr. Woody I'm scared about playing football because it is my first year playing.

Marshall said...

me too!
sorry-off topic

MrWoody said...

thanks for letting me know, boys - now i know to help you through it rather than to be the ultra-mean, mega-evil coach that i normally am. :-)
you will have fun and do well.

hamilTron said...

Wow,I'll start straight away. It's just that i'm a bit busy doing stuff.
See you in class on Monday.


Snow Girl said...

Hi, i have put some off my Hamilton photos on my blog!!!

Roo said...

Thanks Mr. Woody.

Here is my tagging inquiry blog:

mudpies02 said...

Yup, I've got pictures of HamiltON, rosiegal 8D
Are we allowed to have video footage on our digital stories? I think you've told us already but I can't remember!!

MrWoody said...

muddy - you will be severely punished for failing to complete your kakepuku homework. i will instruct your mother to lash you brutally and i'm sure she will oblige as she strikes me as being quite an ogre. ;-)

as for videos for your digital stories, thats fine too. they just have to be brief snippets.

Snow Girl said...

Hi Mr Woody do we have to have our Kakepuku finished on monday???
bye :D

rosiegal said...

I have a feeling thgat the first two weeks of term2 will be absoulute havvock! Because so many people need to do their Kakepuku and HamiltON inquiry, we may have to have a lil bit longer please!

Neina-Marie said...

Ok. I'm on it!!!!

MrWoody said...

it is not due in week one. it is due in week two. maybe the wednesday of week two to allow for the fact that you will also be working on your HamiltON inquiry project in that time period.
it is necessary to finish the story soon to allow for the term two work to begin on science fair, etc.
with all the time you have already had to work on it it should be completed as a draft anyway and just need tweaking and typing up.
the middle and end blocks of each day will be for those two projects, as well as P.E. where it is timetabled.

i shall post an explanation...

flower kitty said...

I have some pics of the HamiltON Gardens on my blog.

Log-on said...

ive got picture of me standing by garth tanda and mark skaife