Friday, April 04, 2008

V8s come to HamiltrON, City of the Future

YEs, it's not long to go now....

Headlines are beginning to catch my eye:

"V8 Supercar driver Greg Murphy has rubbished suggestions of carnage on roads during Hamilton 400, saying Ingalls is chasing headlines",tst

There is usually a battle of words between such rivals as Kiwi Greg Murphy and some of the Aussie drivers befroe a big race. This is no different. It adds to the fun.

Can you tell me more about the V8 supercar teams or drivers or the event itself?


Roo said...

Yeah I'm so excited.
It's nearly here.
So close.
I can nearly touch it.
It's still a little bit away.
Oh well at least I've got a ticket.

A person overseas has criticised the track by saying it has too many 200 degrees and turns. He says that there will be too many crashes.

Marz Barz said...

The Hamilton 400 is the biggest event Hamilton has ever held.
It will bring over $10M (my guess) to hamilton.
I will be in the pits interviewing the racers and engineers.
The race track is specially designed for the v8's.
I have a ticket too!!! ;-)
and Yes is soooo close!!!!!!

Go Holdens!!!!!!!

kitty milo said...

i think that the v8s are a waste of money. whats the point of seeing cars zoom past you, seeing it for a milisecond and then hearing a winner announced?

here are the good points of it:

it raises money for hamilton to spend on roads and stuff like that

it allows hamilton people to talk to and get to know people from other cities

it gives people from other places a taste of what we have in hamilton

it gives people from different places a place to let loose and have fun.
the bad points are:

it causes traffic jams

it makes more pollution therefore affecting the earth

it attracts boy racers

it's alought of work bt it pays off , which i guess is a good point.

either way, i researched the v8 supercare 08 and if you want to read about it you can go to this website:

it has FAQs about the v8s, issues about it , key facts and loads more information
thanks bye

mudpies02 said...

I', sorry this doesn't have anything to do with V8's, but it's a question about Kakepuku Catastrophe; If we brought sleeping bags and everything, just in case, why didn't we bring extra food?

mudpies02 said...

That first word was meant to be I'm, by the way...

fred said...

the v8s are awesome....
the distance:400kms
for these and more visit this website:
and i got my tickets...
p.s GO HOLDENS!!!!!!!

Marshall said...

it's incredible how the HCC snatched the V8's off Auckland. oh yeah... how much does one ticket cost?

I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

i dont know much more about v8s but i cant go

mr woody said...

well done contributors! i am learning more about the V8's thanks to you.
Now i know why its called the Hamilton 400. :-)

Snow Girl said...

thanks guys, i dident no very much about the v8s but now i sure do!!!

Roo said...


rosiegal said...

Im not a big car fan so I have no idea about holden or ford! Some really interesting facts about the hamilton400! I only know a little info about Greg Murphy: He was born in havelock north, a little town by napier hastings. He is a holden driver, and his car number is and has always been 51!!! I dont have any tickets for the V8s, as I hate watching cars racing, all though it might be quite cool to watch it happening in hamilton!!! Another event happening soon is balloons over waikato! It goes from the 9-13, which is from wednesday this week! I cant wait untill the night glow! Who else is going?

Neina-Marie said...

I agree with Rosiegal. Racing is boring....zzzzzzzzzzzzz
I know that a little boy from Auckland may just come to see the V8s !
The polution will be catastrophic in my opinion. We should start being aware of what we are doing to our only world!!!!!
Please go to:

mr woody said...

Rosiegal, you forgot to mention that you are a famous co-author of a children's book all about Greg Murphy - don't be modest! it's published and everything!