Sunday, April 06, 2008

Writing our story...

While writing Kakepuku catastrophe, we need to remember some of the rules and regulations of writing, [like using capital letters woody!] as well as ideas to help make our writing less tedious to make an audience suffer through.

the internet being our friend, as it is, i have found official documents made by "the government" to support our understanding of what is required when we write properly...

Level 4b learning intentions:
[level 4b is the level we all want to achieve as a minimum for our reading and writing. many of you are already capable of this or more but reinforcement and revision is useful to help retain knowledge and skills.]

Audience awareness and purpose
Engages audience and sustains reader attention. Language use and writing style enhance the telling. The writer's "voice" may enter the text and invoke a reaction.

Content inclusion
Story includes comprehensive elements (i.e., orientation, complication, resolution, and sometimes coda). Clear focus on and development of specific events, characters, and settings.

Coherence: sequencing ideas and linking
Story element sequencing managed well (e.g., effective plot or development of events). Effective linking is evident through the use of some linking devices (e.g., conjunctions of time - afterwards, next, meanwhile), which make the story flow.

Language resources for achieving the purpose
May use language devices (e.g., figurative language) and descriptors (e.g., adverbials, adjectives) to engage the audience and give detail to and develop characters, actions, and settings. Purposeful use of dialogue (where included).

We will have to discuss this in class to understand it all. By trying to comprehend what is actually being said here and relating it to our writing, we will probably learn something about writing..and it will be a kind of reading lesson too! HOoray!

Let's edit this page together in class [under my login] and make new vocabulary a different colour. transfer these words to your word study list when you have identified them.


rosiegal said...

Kakepuku writing is really fun, but its coming to a point now that theres not enough time to write all our ideas now. Like: Since I have last writin my group has made-up again (a little fight happened), we have walked the resy of the way up the mountain, have met mojo and roos group, have gone down the pyramid thingy, have turned into super heros, and have started saving innocent and evil room5ians.
Im just not having enough time to write my ideas down! Can anyone please pretty pleeeaaaaaaase help!

mojo said...

cool, I'll try to remember this when I'm writing.

mr woody said...

good idea Mojo - you can refer back to this and check your writing with a friend to see if it needs improvement.
when we ascend Kakepuku we will take our draft versions and read them to our friends in small groups.
I may be able to bring a senior lecturer in the Waikato Uni English dept who is an experienced Shakespearean actor. he could help us work on our reading aloud and our stories.

Rosiegal, i know what you mean. never fear. you can work on it for homework a little bit and more at school. you need only make an honest effort to write well and take what you have completed up Kakepuku to share. I'm sure you'll do very well.