Saturday, April 12, 2008

Reading via the blog

Is the blog an effective way to supply you with reading lessons?
Can you please state the reading strategies here whilst at home to see if you can remember them...

Also, re-read earlier posts and comments to find hidden maths homework. First to find and answer the questions wins the prize! [extra weeding time!]


mojo said...

summarize and ask questions

mojo said...

inferr aswell

Roo said...

I think it is because we are reading posts and trying to understand the meassage.

Reading stratigies:

Read between the lines.
Identify the author's purpose and meassage.
Connections to prior experience or knowledge.
Ask questions.

I can only remember those.

mr woody said...

Mojo and Roo, those are excellent examples of reading strategies that you guys use.
Can anyone add other examples? How many did we identify in class?

kitty milo said...

we have 10 in class.
i found this website which has loads of reading stratagies.:
1. making connections
2. ask questions
3. find interesting volcabulary
4. making inferences- pk (prior knowledge
5. summarize and synthesize
6. points of view/ characters perspective
7. creating mental images
8. analyse the text
9. predicting
10. rereading
i don't know if those are all the ones we had, but they are some more, i dont know if they are all right. for loads more reading stratagies you can go to this website:
but the reading strategies are near the middle of the page.
p.s- this took me 1 hour to add this comment. hehe.

mr woody said...

by crikey Kittymilo, i do believe you have taken over as the top student - there are several of you in contention.
This is an excellent piece of research and a complete answer to the question with references to back it up - super well done!

Now i order you to go outside and play or do some art or exercise or help mum around the house for a bit or something.

I'm off to school now then will be visiting your neighbour.

have a nice afternoon all of you.

Neina-Marie said...

What, emperess Penguin??? Hahahahaha, anyway, it's not a matter of what you do, Mr Woody, it's when you do it. because I have mean, strict parents (in my opinion) I have a computer time, and that is way after everyone else has done their posting. >_<. Not fair!
By reading between the lines, I have found, you read carefully and find answers that have been cleverly hidden.
For instance:
Don't put your finger in the jelly, Nelly. What is title of a book illustrated by Nick Sharrat?
The little clues that some people didn't get (this is a lit. quiz question) is Jelly and Nick Sharrat. the answer is Jellyphant. Can I be top student now???? (just kidding.)

Marz Barz said...

its not fair!!!!
Kitto Milo got there before me!!! :-( but yes.

We evaluate and inference the authors point of text as well.

Reading between the lines is a good one (Neina Marie.)

I completly agree with you neina marie.I have parents like that and also with my gym and other out of school stff the only time I can really go on the blog is in the weekends therefore I see posts at the end of the week so it is very hectic.

Good one though kitty milo!!

Marz Barz said...

and mr woodcock i dont beleive you should be saying there is a "top student" merely a "top blogger" would make more sense. I think. hehe ;-)

Marz Barz said...

Also, I think that part of the prediction process is having an understanding of how texts are structured, like, when you are reading a narrative, you know that the characters and setting will be introduced, there will be a problem, a complication or two and a solution!

Or when you are reading an article, you know to look for topic sentences in the paragraphs.
Articles can be like a time line, or a compare and contrast structure, or they might use sub-headings so if you recognise the stucture it helps you recall the information then summarise it in your own words.

mr woody said...

MArzbarz - you're comments are excellent! You have become another top student. But yes, you are right - it is only blogging and literacy that you are showing excelence in in this instance.
Have you also recently snapped your leg? The rumours are flying!
Neina-Marie - your parents are nto mean to limit your net time. Life must be balanced.

I enjoyed your comment, but i didn't really understand some of it. You make some clear and clever points though - another top student! Excellence in writing and creative thought!

Marz Barz said...

I didn't snap my leg!!!
I have a hairline fracture of the 4the metatarsal of my right foot.
Not a biggy, just annoying. I have to be on crutches :-(
Gives me more time to blog though!
Blogging is not really a reading lesson coz there is no-one to initiate or facilitate any pre-reading srategies such as "What do I know, What do I want to know?" from this article or 'blog'

Please please please check out my Blog on evolution vs creation!!!
And if you get the chance go on National Geographic and look at the article. The pictures really remind me of someone I know!! hehehe!!

mr woody said...

excellent points you raise, Marzbarz - do you think with an introductory period to learn what to do, Room5ians could then select there own WALTs [learning intentions]?

I hope your injury didn't hurt too much.

I will go and see your evolutionary posts - i love learning about evolutionary theory. :-)

Neina-Marie said...

I already know about it! I went to see something about Charles Darwin and his Revolutionary thearoey at the Auckland museum. Get the title they made up?
It's all about natural selection.
When there is lots of snow, the green butterflies get eaten, but the white ones stay alive! What happens when the snow all melts and all the green ones are eaten???

MrWoody said...

We went to the Darwin exhibition on Animal Camp last year.

What are:

The Origin of Species

The Beagle

Survival of the Fittest

Natural Selection [already touched upon by NeinyWeiny]

Marz Barz said...

Thank you very much mr woody. I take much pride in my posts now that I want to be "top blogger"

My injury didnt hurt at all!! in fact..straight after i did it i got back up onto the beam and did another flic flack!! hehe ;-)

I have taken an interest in evolutionary theorys since i read that article. Sorry I couldn't put all the article in because of limited time and it was really long!!!!

Does anyone have any theorys on creation because I dont really know much about it except for jesus and the lord creating the earth and adam and eve.

Whats up with your profile pic mr woody?? hehehehehe!!

Adios!! (Senor Becada)

Snow Girl said...

I did some research on these things...
The Origin of Species
The Beagle
Survival of the Fittest
Natural Selection [already touched upon by NeinyWeiny]

this is what i found...
The Beagle-
HMS Beagle was a Cherokee class 10-gun brig-sloop of the Royal Navy, named after the beagle, a breed of dog. She was launched on 11 May 1820 from the Woolwich Dockyard on the River Thames, at a cost of £7,803. In July of that year she took part in a fleet review celebrating the coronation of King George IV of the United Kingdom in which she was the first ship to sail under the new London Bridge. After that there was no immediate need for Beagle so she was kept in reserve for five years and "lay in ordinary", moored afloat but without masts or rigging. She was then adapted as a survey barque and took part in three expeditions. On the second survey voyage the young naturalist Charles Darwin was on board, and his work would eventually make the Beagle one of the most famous ships in history.

Survival of the fittest-
Herbert Spencer coined the phrase, "survival of the fittest.""Survival of the fittest" is a phrase which is shorthand for a concept relating to competition for survival or predominance. Originally applied by Herbert Spencer in his Principles of Biology of 1864, Spencer drew parallels to his ideas of economics with Charles Darwin's theories of evolution by what Darwin termed natural selection.
Although Darwin used the phrase "survival of the fittest" as a synonym for "natural selection",[1] it is a metaphor, not a scientific description.[2] It is not generally used by modern biologists, who use the phrase "natural selection" almost exclusively.
An interpretation of the phrase to mean "only the fittest organisms will prevail" (a view common in social Darwinism) is not consistent with the actual theory of evolution. Any organism which is capable of reproducing itself on an ongoing basis will survive as a species, not just the "fittest" ones. A more accurate characterization of evolution would be "survival of the fit enough", although this is sometimes regarded as a tautology.

The origin of species-
i dont really get this one but i think that it is a book???
You can look at this site.


MrWoody said...

super research snowgirl - to follow that up i think we need to try to comprehend what it all means. there is definitely some great vocab in there we need to include in our wordstudy lists.
i have noticed lately that quite a few of the blessed Room5ians are not the greatest spellers....
i disagree with you that it is not important. poor spelling makes an impression on a reader and also can change meaning significantly.
the idea of spellcheckers solving all your problems simply isn't true. remind me to show you an example in class...

Snow Girl said...

Thanks for the feedback Mr Woody, to me spelling is not one of my strenths. I no that it is important but i cant get interested in it!!!

Log-on said...

i don't know if it is cause some people don't read all the comment i read most of them