Monday, April 28, 2008

What are you doing?

What are all the Room5ians doing? I have had several highlights - visiting my grandparents on ANZAC Day and having a really amazing date for my wedding anniversary.
What are you doing for your holiday?
Today I am following my chickens around wondering why they aren't laying, planting winter crops in the vege garden and walking the dog. To show how sad my life is, i just got excited over the idea of buying a new bail of barley straw to use for the chook house and the garden...

I bet your Kakepuku stories are coming along nicely - if you have written any on your blog, say so here so we can go and read it for you.

Term Two will start with finsihing our Kakepuku sotries and our digital stories about HamiltON.
After that we will be doing lots of maths, science and different styles of writing. Science fair is coming up too so get thinking about interesting topics... not things like "which fabric softener works best" or anything boring like that.



kitty milo said...

i went to camp for a week in raglan and it was awesome!!! we climbed karioi went to bridal veil falls and ran down to the beach at 6 00 am in the morning!!! it's called adventure camp... its the best camp iver ever been to..

flower kitty said...

I spent this weekend playing flute at a flute workshop which was taken by a flute player from the Sydney Conservatorium of music!
It was fun!
I'm still thinking about what Ill do for science fair. ???
I also have a birthday sleepover to go to. :)

flower kitty said...

I also went to an ANZAC day service that my brother played trombone at.
A fire siren went off to alert the volunteer firefighters while the head boy from Morrinsville College was speaking.
The firefighters marched through all the veterans and then ran all the way to the fire station.
It was entertaining watching them.

rosiegal said...

I havent done much in Holidays, but I’ve seen Horton hears a who, and Nims Island! They are both really cool movies, although Horton hears a who is sort of a little kids movie! My family were going to go to the Anzac parade, but I think we didnt because of me sleeping in so late! I have my Day 1 and some of day two on my blog if anyone wants to read it! In the story Shayarn is Neina Marie, Lisa is Mars bars, Olivia is Aqua girl, and Sabrina is Sweet Angel!
Oops, I havent even thought about my science fair yet! =o/

rosiegal said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! THanx to Mudpies, and Roo I now have a clustrmap!, but right now it is blanc because no one has been on my blog since I put it on, so please come to my blog and help me make my clustrmap interesting!!!

hamilTron said...

I've done nothing much in the holz except, going on the blog and hanging out with my family.
I've put some new things on my blog and made a new one too.
Check it out.


mech boy said...

Yeah I haven't done much either. My Kakepuku story is coming along nicely (I think). That's about it.....

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

i just got back from the mount and it was really cool cos we got to stay on the top story of this new thing of apartments. we were really lucky because we my grandparents used to own a little bach where it is but they pulled it down and we got a fantastic view of the main beach, mauao, and a little bit of the harbour. i was really weird because when we were down one end of the beach we saw my teacher and the rest of the family so he and mum had a reaslly long talk ):(....;)

hope everyones holidays are going well, schools back soon!!!....

Neina-Marie said...

I like my name Rosiegal....
I went to the SPCA, the zoo, and had an awesome exsperience at Miranda Hot pools for my Grandads birthday. That was at my mums.
At my Dads, where I have been at for two days, we have been to the pools and made a TV program - the news!!! We even had advertisments! {We as in me and my couzies from Wellington, who are going tomorrow :(}
I also saw Horton Hears a Who which is one of the best movies I have ever seen.
Apart from a few glitches, my holiday has been excellent. To commemerate ANZAC day I went to the Dawn service at the Auckland Museum. It was very interesting, with a heart-felt yet rather droned speech by the Mayor of Aucklando.

The science fair!!! When Dad talked to me about science fairs I wanted to make a portable heater that heated your beach towels so you could take one towel for the whole day! But my Dad said that was too hard. We'll see about THAT!
My REAL Kakepuku hasn't even been down to Hamilton yet, I left my Draft book in Auckland, but it should arrive soon, by post (I hope).
The V8's were a huge sucess, and even my Wellingtonion couzies were impressed!
Hope you others injoyed your hol's too!!!

Snow Girl said...

I have fust finished doing a three day hockey camp and that was awesome.
But something that happend tome and my family was not so cool.
We had walked into town from our house at about 11:00am and then at about 2:00pm we were walking back to our house. When we were walking over the claudelands bridge we were almost off when a Maori dude was ridding his bike reallllllly fast over the bridge so my dad said "slow down mate" and then the dude on the bike did not like that so he started chasing my dad.Me and my sis started running home sceaming mean while my dad was punched in the side of the face and throwen into the bush. once dad got outr of the bush the dude on the bike got on his bike again. My Mum started to call the police but the angree dude turned around and said "PUT DOWN THE PHONE $#@%" and then we all ran home.

Well then the next day we wetre at a super market and another Maori dude stole something electronical from the super market and all the alarms went off.

Mr Woody do our good copies for Kakepuku have to be finished on the first day off term???


MrWoody said...

Snowgirl that is AWFUL!!!
Such horrible things are very traumatising for all involved. I know what its like.
I think in class we need to talk about stereotypes, prejudice, etc, so we can be sure not to make hasty judgements about whole groups of people based on the actions of some.
..even when it is made so easy for us to judge because we see so much evidence of bad behaviour from some groups more than from others.

perhaps we could study this?

mojo said...

I went down to Rotorua for a week, we stayed with some friends of our friends. I went biscuiting because they had a boat and also I stayed a night at hot water beach also I jumped of the jumping rock there which is 5-6 metres high!

Roo said...

I went to Lake Rotoma and stayed 2 nights in my Grandparents caravan.
I've had friends over.
Saw the spiderwick chronicles(awesome).
Fell off a fence and scraped my leg.
Lost some skin off my toe.
Stuck my hand in a rose bush.
Pulled out my tooth and done lots on the computer.

MrWoody said...

sounds interesting, mojo - a hot water beach! i think my friends stayed there recently - you should state the place names, etc.

MrWoody said...

Nice one, Roo - sorry about your leg.
I spotted you shooting baskets with your mum one day.
Jono Gibbes is your neighbour!


Marshall said...

pushing and stressing on Kakepuku story- finally, finished half of my 'masterpiece' (if that's like one), doing powerpoint presentation, hanging around, one-trip to the library, and... KAKEPUKU STORY.
to kitty milo: i went to that raglan camp before, it IS the best camp ever!

MrWoody said...

your work should not be stressful - you are on holiday.

the raglan camp sounds cool!

Roo said...

Hehe :D
Yeah I like shooting hoops.
Mmmm it's cool having Jono just living down the road.

mudpies02 said...

I have just come back from Rotorua (doing a ballet comp!!) It was cool 'cause we went up the gondola & down the luge! SO FUN!!! We also went to this maze thingy, and you had to wind through the maze, to make it to each corner, then you had to get back out again through the door you came in through. It was really hard and it became quite tiring - but we didn't cheat!!
I haven't been able to do any Kakepuku - we emailed it home and haven't been able to open it!!! Arrgghh!!!!! :o
I wondered about doing something about car sickness for my science fair project after seeing a show called Brainiac... I'm not sure about it though!

That would have been so scary snowgirl! Is your dad alright?\
That would be cool to have Jono Gibbes as your neighbour!!

Anyway, I hope to have found some way of doing my Kakepuku before I get back to school! *gulp*

olly said...

I've just got back from Whitianga, seen two movies(Step up 2 and the Super hero movie). Had some mates around. I also went to the AWESOME V8's, and the Chiefs vs Crusaders super 14 game(which we won!!)I'm going to a birthday sleepover thing tonight and then the next day it's my Aunty's birthday party!!

Marz Barz said...

Oh man. I have done heaaaps in the hols. I went to Napier in the first week for a 3 day Gymnastics camp that was really awesome. Then when we got back we had to pack like mad coz we were moving. So we moved into our new house (yus!)
Kitty Milo came over on Wednesday. It was fun =].
I'm sorry Mr. Woodcock, I haven't been working on because of

1. We moved and my draft book has gone walk abouts.


2. My Laptop has had a complete spaz with the printer and I need to email it to Mr. Woody.

Mr Woody I will need to get onto getting my Kakepuku completed this weekend. I will, I promise!!

Okay. Thanks. I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!
Bye Bye =]


Marz Barz said...

I'm sorry Mr. Woodcock I havn't been working on Kakepuku***

Log-on said...

in the holidays i got my kitten jag i think ill make a blog on him
from jag my kitten