Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sir Ed, Room5ians and Maungatautari

Last night we were privileged to join a walk up Maungatautari to carry our commemorative rock for his cairn and to hear some special words about and by the great New Zealander.
I felt honoured to be there on behalf of Peachgrove and the University of Waikato Hillary Scholars with Sasha.
Maybe, like Sir Ed said, you could take up opportunities. Perhaps one day you could win a Hillary Scholarship in your field of excellence.

I hope you follow your dreams and live life to the full.


mr woody said...

This image includes a few of the wonderful past and present Room5ians - no names please :-)

My deepest thanks go out to the mum's and dad's who came with us and dropped each of you home safely.

mojo said...

wow, that looked really fun hope they enjoyed it.

kitty milo said...

that was awesome. it was realy fun and it was a great experience. i loved carrying our rock and sharing it around, and seing all the other rocks. we were 1 of the only schools who carried our rock up the hill.
here is what we did step by step:
we got picked up at school by empress penguin's dad.
we drove all the way to Maungatautiri.
once we got there we got out of the car.
we saw heaps of people from different schools and straight away we started climbing up. ]
mr woody& sasha were filming us all the time so we had to give sensible answers to the questions they asked us and sometimes we had to just walk.
when we got to the entrance to Maungatautiri we pressed the button and stepped in.
then we started our awesome walk.
we saw lots of tall, narrow wood boxes and opened them to a surprise of big weta's and spiders inside.
once we got back around the loop track we went out the gate.
we took some photos of eachother holding the rock and then we had the ceremony for sir ed.
a man read out some short writing of what sir ed said himself ( it was very sad) and then we had a moment of silence, but these college girls where being silly and laughing.
then we had a chance to get some photos with a pick ( is that how you spell it) that sir ed signed.
then we climed back down talking lots. we placed our rock down ( but we had argues over who got to place it down, and kept ajusting it because we wanted to be last to move it) and then we headed home and got dropped of by empress penguin's wonderful dad.
overall it was a FANTASTIC trip and im glad we got to do it. thanks mr woody

rosiegal said...

Awsome comment kitty milo! I wish I could have gone up, but I did a lot at the meateor thingy! Thanks for representing room5ians and peachgrove very well!

sweet angel said...

That looks fun!!!i wish i could have gone too

Roo said...

Was that at the foot hills?

Neina-Marie said...

I agree with Rosiegal. Actually, I would give up a lot of things to go up Mt. Maungatautiri, >:(, I felt so bad when I couldn't go, I really liked Sir Ed. He was awesome. I am very happy I get five-dollar notes for pocket-money!
He kind of had to die, being so old.
That is soooooooo bad that those collage girls wew being silly. Whack 'em one!!!

mr woody said...

Righty Ho - we shall all go!
Once again, the silly organisers told us we could only take five people but once we were there we realistically could have taken everyone who wanted to go if we could hava rranged transport.
I have a sneaking suspicion that the naughty high school girls were all former Peachgrovians, although I can't be sure as I didn't actually see who it was.

mr woody said...

Does anyone know why we had to push a button to get into the forest? Can someone explain in more detail?

kitty milo said...

the forest is fenced off, because it doesn't want to let in anything like nasty pests such as rats, mice and pests like that. i'm not entirelly sure but i Think that you have to push a button to get in so pests can't get into the mountain and so kiwi's can't get out. info on Maunagtautiri at:

Marz Barz said...

WOW kitty milo!! Very in-depth comments!! Congrats to you!! HEHe.
I wish I could of gone!!

mr woody said...

PLease note:
Never write or say "could of", or "should of". They are not correct English. "Could've" is short for "Could have". It's the same for the should version - here endeth the lesson.

Neina-Marie said...

Mreth Woodyeth, pleaseth talketh englisheth. Thats all for noweth.

Marz Barz said...

whoops my bad. SORRY.
I am just typing so fast I am not taking any care in my comments.
Sir Ed was such a good man. RIP Sir. Ed.

Queenie said...

that looks so fun. it would have been cool but i had to go to dancing.

hamilTron 400 said...

Do you guys and gals know that maungatautari is a lying down man!!!!
try looking for it

Aquagirl said...

thank you for the information hamilton400 how i find most of the mountians lying down people when I look closly.

i would've gone but i had swimming

hamilTron said...

You guys represented Peachgrove well.

Log-on said...

yup they did perfect