Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Green V8s for HamiltON400

Agetn S has forwarded to me HCC documents showing the council's plan to make the V8 event carbon neutral, This is very cool. There is also a green policy for us to read as part of our literacy programme.
We ROCK!!!
Hamiltron, city of the future


Snow Girl said...

Yay, go hamiltron!!!

rosiegal said...

Its awesoem that the council and people like agent S are making the V8s a Environment friendly event! This would be a interesting thing for some people to use in there digi stories, What does the affect of the V8s do to the environment? Me and mudpies were stuck today wondering what to do for our thing about hamilton, as we needed to collect info about it before the trip so we could gathere our info! But, my wonderful sister (Sugasweet4eva) came up with a brill idea!!! But we are not going to give our idea away!!! MWAH,HA,HA,HA!!!!

mech boy said...

Have they tested it to see if it IS actually good for the environment?
Also, isn't carbon neutral supposed to mean that it releases no carbon into the air meaning it isn't a contributing factor to greenhouse gases.
P.S If you want to know more on greenhouse gases/greenhouse effect come to my blog

Candycane said...

I'm really glad that the V8's are going to be oxygen nutural it is great news

Snow Girl said...

hi, this is off topic but i think that every one in our class should bring a gold coin to go towards a bunch of flower and we could put it out side of the fire station today on our trip...
Is that a good idea?


Neina-Marie said...

We didn't, but that was a good Idea Snowing girl.
Why did you put a ford car when the room 5ians clearly stated that we liked foldens?

mojo said...

maybe to make the v8s carbon neutral is that they plant lots of trees.

sweet angel said...
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sweet angel said...

I think that the v8 racing car thing is great ,but it'll ruin the enviroment with all the gas.On the other hand the v8 racing cars's tourist attraction will raise lots of money for Hamilton's big plans we've made & Enviromaent Wikato can use the money to plant more trees &plants

fred said...

Go Holdens!!!!
Go Agent S!!!!

Roo said...

Well it's not going to be good as such for the enviroment but we can try to reduce the amount of carbon-dioxide in the air. This is a really good idea.


Log-on said...

I've started a blog on the Hamilton 4oo hundred if you wanted to see

mr woody said...

flowers and gold coin donation a great idea. or we could donate to any fundraising for the families or firefighters.

and the V8 plan is to be CARBON neutral, not oxygen... [good grief]

kitty milo said...

i know i have already posted this but ill post it again:
please dont growl me. :-)
i think that the v8s are a waste of money. whats the point of seeing cars zoom past you, seeing it for a milisecond and then hearing a winner announced?

here are the good points of it:

it raises money for hamilton to spend on roads and stuff like that

it allows hamilton people to talk to and get to know people from other cities

it gives people from other places a taste of what we have in hamilton

it gives people from different places a place to let loose and have fun.
the bad points are:

it causes traffic jams

it makes more pollution therefore affecting the earth

it attracts boy racers

it's alought of work bt it pays off , which i guess is a good point.

either way, i researched the v8 supercare 08 and if you want to read about it you can go to this website:


it has FAQs about the v8s, issues about it , key facts and loads more information
thanks bye

Marshall said...

you know how Agent S told us that the V8's are going to attract a lot of people (half the population of hamilton), I wonder how we are going to fit all those people in a city. imagine you have a busy queue full of people and has limited space, 50% more people come in and squish everyone, isn't it frustrating???

mudpies02 said...

On the business side of it all.... some businesses will lose money because they had to close their shops so that the v8 track could be built, but all the hotels will be full! But I still feel sorry for the people who had to close for construction...

mudpies02 said...

It will also cause LOADS of traffic jams. Our family aren't going to the V8's but we have noted it on our calendars, just so we know to stay AWAY!!!

Snow Girl said...

I think that the v8s are an awesome oppurtunity for HamiltON as it will atract more people into the city and by things in our local shops. And also people will come to HamiltON to experiance t for them selfs not what they have heard about HamiltON(they will find out that it is really cool).

mr woody said...

so, if we have 140,000 people in Hamilton [approximately] and about 65,000 extra visitors will be here each of the 3 days of the V8s, how many will that be in total? Also, what is the amount of visitors as a percentage of our population?

And where will Mr Woody be able to go for a glass of lemonade after the racing ends?

Snow Girl said...

Hi Mr Woody,
There would be 205,000 people per day in HamiltON during thee V8s are one.
I dont no where you could get a glass of lemonade after the racing ends????