Friday, April 11, 2008

Room5ians take on care of school grounds and love it!

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Weedy weed whackers at work



Neina-Marie said...

Erk. I didn't do that. Well, I was doing a test, doing my own... it starts with a... darn! Others, please correct me! It was my stereotype, put it that way.

Weeding! Oh, I love weeding! The earth bettwen your toes and the slippery blades of grass, the rip of roots being pulled up from the dark earth.

mudpies02 said...

I love weeding too. It's very theraputic!! (Is that spelt right???) I got cut, though :(

mojo said...

man, I helped pull out that weed it wouldn't budge but we did it.

Snow Girl said...

Yes, we got some reallllllly bigggggggggggggggg weeds all right.
I feel so go once i have done this because i no that it is being helpful!!!!

Marshall said...

me and jojo dug out the BIGGEST deadly nightshade from the garden. took us 5 minutes to do it.

mr woody said...

i was sooo impressed with how you Room5ians tackled those humungous weeds! well done. :-)
best of all - no feet chopped off

mr woody said...

i love neina marie's description!

I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

very nice to bad when you guys were doing weeding i was doing my kakepuku story i remember the first time we did that we got huge weeds i hear there still big ones,mabye we should do weeding once a week it will help us care for the enviroment and keep our school beautiful

kitty milo said...

that was awesome! i love weeding. i was mainly the girl who pushed the wheelburrow and collected all the weeds from the ground. i don't know who it was but someone pulled out a gynormous poisonous berry weed thing.
it was a fun end of day.
if you want some tips on how to weed the garden better to help us when we weed the garden next time you can go to this website:
p.s- marz barzfractured her ankle when doing a flik flak on the low beam. but now she can easily do flik flak on the beam. she has crutches now and a bandage thing.

mr woody said...

Good idea, Ashymashy - we can definitely do that. I think we should too.
Can you please work on using punctuation in your comments? It makes meaning clearer.
Thanks for commenting

flower kitty said...

That sentence 'Weedy weed whackers at work could easily be a tongue twister!

mr woody said...

Flower Kitty [or anyone], what type of language is it when you repeat consonant sounds? And what are consonants?

KittyMilo - is MArzbarz really injured? That's terrible!!!

Also, the big weeds we were pulling out were memebers of the knightshade family and are not very nice. There were also unwanted grasses, etc.

Thanks for the link to the weed info Kittymilo.


rosiegal said...

Oww! Poor mars bars! The weeding was really fun but after awrds Me and a few people were really itchchy!!!!

sweet angel said...

Same with Brenz,she got really really itchey,after that weeding.Ithink it was the nightshade

mech boy said...

Mr Woody! I think have an answer to your question!I think hen you repeat consonant sounds you are alliterating, for example, Weedy weed wackers at work.
I think alliteration give the words more meaning [plus, it sounds cool].
Aren't consonants every letter but A
E I O U and sometimes Y.
So there are letters like S, T, B, C.
Those are only a few.

Mr Woody, please tell me I'm right!

MrWoody said...

excellent work MEchboy! well done :-)

Log-on said...

Mr woody your picture looks weird are those your real teeth