Monday, April 14, 2008

ERO visit

Please tell the nice people from the Educational Review Office all the cool things we do as Room5ians ...


Marz Barz said...

I Really really really really really REALLY dont want you to be fired mr. woody!!!

You are a great teacher because we do stuff that normal kids dont get to do!! Like you said - we are not normal kids, were special. Room5ians is a word used to describe the kids in room5 and their teacher. Without you room5ians would be nothing.

Hey room5ians - lets make a pact, we will be on our BEST behaivoir tomorow.

MrWoody said...

Thanks MArzbarz. Add "behaviour" to your word study list, please.

Roo said...

Hehe nice photo.

Don't be worried Mr Woody.
You have good and fun ways of doing things like reading.

mech boy said...

Yeah! I thought it went quite well........ Or did it?
Anyway, Mr Woody is good at teaching reading as far as I know.........

Aquagirl said...

I think your good at teaching reading as well Mr woody except it gets a bit confusing and just like marzbarz said i think it is very cool to do things normally kids do such as getting involved with the city concil

gnome said...

dont worry mr woody you did fine

Roo said...

It was good.
I think she really liked our class.

Neina-Marie said...

I agree with all of you.
The ero woman asked me and cheetahlicious just before she went home what we were doing. I answered that cheetah had a headache and I couldn't concentrate, and told her I was writing reasons why I thought the V8s should come to Hamiltron.
Mr Woody, can we have a post where we write why we are for/against the V8s?

kitty milo said...

i have that on my blog neina marie.
in class we talk to people from the hcc and tell them how we can improve hamilton, we talked to desiree ryan, agent s, and we also talk to people from the museum and the library and tell them how they could improve the library and the museum.
we also hold expo's to show the people of hamiltn how to use a blog and what we use it for. we have also talked to michael redman and got a letter from bob simcock congratulating us on all we did at the expo.
in reading we write
walt to help us uderstande what we are learning to do and we have
hwik's to help us understand how will we know when we have achived what we are learning to do. mr woody also teaches us about reading stratagies and how we can improve our reading. everytime we are reading a bit out of a book mr woody makes us write down the reading stratagies that we would use for this text. he taught us how to skim and scan and highlight important parts of the text.
in maths he gives us problems to solve and we have to work it out by measuring, and working independently in a group. if we don't understand he explains to us and clarifys anything we wern't sure about.
when we are reading we write down any interesting words that we can't spell or dont know what it means and then we find it in a dictionary, write down the words meanings in our word study books .
we have a chart in our room that reads:
one of those is : managing self.
us room5ians don't think mr woody should be responsible for everything we do, so when we have completed something like maths or writing we don't come rushing up to mr woody to ask if it;s alright, because that would crowd his desk and be a nuicence, but instead we check it ourselfs then we check it with a partner. or when we have completed writing we don't expect him to mark it all but we check it, then make it more exciting, check it again with yourself then a partner. that is what managing slef means!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mr woody is and EXCELLENT teacher and has taught us one of lifes most impotant lessons.:
never eat pins, skyscrapers or glass. if he hadn't taught the class and i that then i would just be crazy. he teaches us more than that though, i just told you, scroll up if you missed it. so overall mr woody is a fantastic teacher.

Louisa Barham said...

I have decided not to fire you - well at least not for another week - I have heard interesting thinkgs from a certain ERO boss lady

P.S. Chocolate is always welcome - GAIL

rosiegal said...

Hello Mrs Barham!Yeah, The ERO visit was a great sucess, although Mr Woody was totally freaking out in the morning!! (I think he had to much coffee). I spose i dont need to post what we do in room 5 any more, Unless ERO is coming in again. Are they?
P.S come to my blog, its really interesting and cool!

the unknown said...

who cares what the ERO think its what we do that counts so mr woody dont feel bad I think that you are doing a great job for giving us all these opportunities, Its only now that i've realized what a lucky class room we are.
take that picture of your fake blood teeth off its really disturbing!

MrWoody said...

thank you ALL for the support, the effort, the understanding and the laughter - you guys crack me up!

p.s. those teeth are real!

hamilTron said...

Mr Woody Did not get fired!!!!!!!
And there is a reason for that we do much more interesting things than copying stuff off a textbook

rosiegal said...

Yes! My life is now complety and utterly scared by your pic, please oh please take it off before I have to have councelling!

rosiegal said...

Ive no idea who hamiltron is, but can who ever they are please tell the class tomorow and aqua girl too!

MrWoody said...

Hamiltron is the class councillor - a splendid fellow!
aquagirl is no doubt very cool too, but i have no idea who she is yet...

the unknown said...

ERO is a strange thing to have in our class because not only the teacher gets all stressed but the students get pressure by their teacher (like mr woody does). Its weird having them around because it dosent feel like we are doing real work it just feels like we're doing this fake peice of work(not saying that it was done today, but just from past expereinces).I feel that it's what we do during class like our blog is what the ERO should look at instead of them looking at us do maths and stuff like that so yeah.

Louisa Barham said...

Your ERO lady visitor enjoyed her visit to Room 5 - and said that great things were happening in your class....And just quietly - I would never fire you Mr Woody!!!


MrWoody said...

insightful comments, unknown - and remember to tell your parents next term to see me.

GAIL - thank you for your support and trust :-)

mudpies02 said...

Those teeth are scaring me... please book an appointment at the dentist :o)

Log-on said...

Mr woodcock is the best teacher in the universe

Marshall said...

"do not get stressed out, mr woody, for we are the ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION!!!" (pretend me and jojo said it together.)
we had some people show the ERO our class blog, and hopefully mr woody can relieve his stress now.
we do some extremely cool things as room 5ians. for example: we have a blog right now. we are going to skype some people from a class in new jersey.
P.S do those teeth glow in the dark?? or are they from a garlic-breath Dracula? (impossible)

Korero Pt England said...

Hey Mr Woody and Room 5
I am glad to hear that ERO was impressed by your class and your teacher. So they should be. Don't they realise that teachers like me from all round NZ read your blog to keep up with the cool things you are doing?

Have a great holiday

Dorothy Burt

MrWoody said...

thanks for the comment Dorothy - your work and the amazing kids at your school have inspired me.

[go check out Korero Point England, everyone.]