Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mobile Technology and our Fieldtrip

This Wednesday we will be walking into town to further investigate our city and how we can be positive contributors to it. Our goal of course is to create digital stories that showcase HamiltON's strengths and maybe investigate some of the less desirable aspects with a view to making some meaningful suggestions for the HCC to consider.

We will hopefully be meeting the Museum director to discuss how we can have input into the development of wonderful museum exhibitions and programmes involving kids.

We will also go to the library to meet someone important to discuss the exciting new possibilities relating to the library of the future... This is good timing because our own library is being redeveloped soon and you could share your ideas for that too.

The river banks will call us also so we can capture our wonderful Waikato River as Mlearning agents. Perhaps we will discover fascinating historical sites along the way.

For this trip we need to be able to gather information as we travel. Mobile phones are one means of capturing information on the run. We even know how to post it to our blog now. But what else can we use? How do we arrange it? And what if there isn't enough cool ICT to share around? Not everyone has a phone. How else can we gather our information? Can you think of innovative solutions to solve the problem? We need everyone involved at all times to avoid boredom, so how can we creatively get everyone involved?

Please post your ideas.


Roo said...

Us kids can take our own cameras.
If we don't have enough we could borrow some of the schools cameras.
I'm sure there will be enough technology. People might have voice recorders. Some of us can take notes on paper. Well to get everyone envolved we could sort out jobs for everyone.

kitty milo said...

this will be so exciting!!!
we could use digital cameras and then load the pics onto our blogs. we could book one of the school's digital cameras. we could get in groups with one camera , sharing the camera in the group

kitty milo said...

oops i said kindof the same as roo coz i didnt see his comment when it came up.

mr woody said...

excellent! Roo - you are in charge. please assign jobs to everyone.
we will be meeting secret agent S [a mobile blogger] on our trip.
we will need to take things so we can consider design possibilities for the Wintec wall and the Claudelands bridge.
I'm very impressed with both your comments. KittyMilo, you're in charge of something too. WHat should it be?
start a list here of all the things we need to think of.
also, encourage more Room5ians to think about and anser th equestion "How do we add value to our trip if we don't have any ICTs?"
e.g. draw pictures/sketches then scan them once back at school. Use design or modelling software to create "3D" images of our designs for things we think Hamilton City Heart needs - like walking/cycling bridges to cross the river, ferry services to go from north hamilton to the city centre for commuters.
and so forth.... remember, Desiree put us in the strategic plan because we had interesting ideas.

Neina-Marie said...

I can't be trusted with the digi camera, but I could buy my own one thats, like, you know, disposable and then post it to my blog after getting them developed, and this and that...
or my Mum can come. With her camera.

rosiegal said...

Very good comments both! I think I know who agent S is!! In each group you could have;

An organizer- for making sure every one knows what they are meant to do, helping people as well, co-ordinating the group to do the best that they can do.

A camera man, or techno expert- for taking pictures, mobile blogging, and at the other end helping their group to load the info into their digi stories.

An info collecter- to collect, establish and maybe draw different things that would be usefull for later purposes.

A spokes person- would talk, interview, ask question, and chat to the public about ides. could also be a person who also has one of the jobs above, or group could take turns.

I hope i have answered some questions!

mr woody said...

Rosiegal you are a star - and as you did so well as spokesperson at the "your city" expo, you might get to make us look good again...and yes, yo do know who "Agent S" is.

Mr. Teehan said...

Here's a few suggestions. First, you could video some of your experiences with running commentary. The recordings can be uploaded to TeacherTube and put on your blogs.

Secondly, since you are learning podcasting, you could create a walking tour of the city (good and bad, record your voices and even put them to a picture story.

Just some thoughts! I'll keep thinking.

Also, to let everyone know, my class will be spending Wed, Thurs, Fri away at a state park for an environmental trip. We will be mobile blogging our experiences (thanks Mr Woody for the idea). Check it out and feel free to make comments!

rosiegal said...

I could probably (I may not be aloud to thoug) bring my PDA to the trip. But its not set up to phone and it cant Email =0(. I could still use it though! IT would be use full for taking photos and videos and drawing and documenting the trip!

mr woody said...

gee! Mr Teehan is so cool giving us such great ideas. Rosiegal - you would do well to bring your pda - it will be essential!
we need to make docos as we go. i am goooood at that but i forgot to book the video cameras and digital cameras - doh!!!!